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Phone and email scams are on the rise. Over 2.5 million UK households received a scam call in the last month, this shows scams can happen to anyone.That’s why we have made your security our priority. We’re the only provider to offer free privacy features, allowing you to block calls from withheld numbers, block the last number that called you, and to see the phone numbers of incoming calls. We offer a free reporting service for nuisance and malicious calls. We actively review incoming calls to find malicious callers and we block 70 million calls a month.But unfortunately we can’t block them all, which is why we’ve launched a national campaign with our partner Get Safe Online. It’s called Beat the Scammers and helps you spot the scammers and stop them in their tracks.What you should do to protect yourself: Set up your free privacy features – Caller Display, Last Caller Barring and Anonymous Caller Reject – in My Account. Trust your instincts. If you suspect a scammer is calling you, hang up, wait a few minutes and call back on an official number. Report suspicious calls to us. We have advisors who will investigate the suspicious activity for you and block these numbers for all TalkTalk customers if they are found to be scammers.Visit for more information.How to spot a scam callThere are common techniques scammers use to get you to part with your cash and personal information. These range from pretending to be from a trusted company to asking you to stay on the line so your bank can’t call to verify a transaction.Remember:We will NEVER ASK you for your full password or your bank details to process a refund; ask you to send money through services like MoneyGram or Western Union; nor quote your TalkTalk account number to prove the call is genuine.Take a look at our video below to learn more about how to spot scams.Our security help, all in one place Knowing how to avoid scams is only part of the fight to stay secure. There’s a wealth of up-to-date information on our Security Hub, including more information on our Beat the Scammers campaign and details of the security products that all TalkTalk customers get for free – HomeSafe® and SuperSafe Boost.Find out more Keep an eye out for more security updates over the next few months.Tristia Harrison Managing Director TalkTalk Consumer Is this email genuine?Click here for help and advice on how to stay safe online

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